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Bildad Adams and his twin, Job, were born in Suffield, Conneticut on April 3, 1765. Bildad was the son of Lieutenant Joel Adams and his wife, Abigail Rowe. The family moved to Marlboro, Vermont in 1786 where Bildad served as constable and collector in 1796 and 1801, selectman in 1804 and 1811, and took the Roll of Freeman oath in Sept 1794. Bildad was also the justice of peace and officated at the marriages of Zalva Snow and Ruth Sprague on Jan. 11, 1807, Ira Ingram and Sally Miller on Nov. 3, 1808, Eleazer W. Fisher and Lucy Snow on Dec. 8, 1808, and John Farrand and Lydia Miller on Feb. 3, 1812.

Bildad married Mary Haynes, a teacher, and eleven children blessed this marriage. He served as a Calvaryman in the War of 1812. In 1815, Bildad, Mary, and the children left Vermont for Ohio. Bildad was a member of the first board of Commissioners for Huron County, helping to organize the Western Reserve, or Fire Lands. The Western Reserve was compensation for the Connecticut landowners who lost their lands during the Revolutionary War. At least one of his land purchases made in 1822 is recorded with Ohio Patent Office.

Mary died in 1822 and Bildad married Mrs. Esther Harper. Bildad died in Milan, Ohio in the fall of 1826.

The children of Bildad Adams and Mary Haynes:

Maria (b.Aug 27, 1794- Marlboro, Vt) (d. July 17, 1801- Marlboro, Vt.) Lived seven years until her death caused by a horse kick

Polly (b. Nov. 15, 1795- Marlboro, Vt.) (d. unknown date- Greenfield Twp, Huron County, Ohio) Unmarried

John Adams (b. Dec. 25, 1796- Marlboro, Vt.) (d. unknown date - Greenfield Twp, Huron County, Ohio) John was soldier in the War of 1812.

Nancy Adams (b. July 30, 1798- Marlboro, Vt.) (d. 1842- Blanchard, Hardin County, Ohio) Married Matthew McKelvey on March 27, 1818. Matthew was a soldier in the War of 1812. Nancy came with her parents to Greenfield Township, Huron County, in the spring of 1815, and taught the first school in Peru township. She and her husband, Matthew McKelvey had 10 children, seven girls and three boys. The last of the older seven, Mary, died in Plymouth, Ohio, 27 July ?. The younger three then left are still living (22 Oct 1900). Martha, widow of Ethan Lovell, in Greenfield township; Mathew in Tiffin, OH, and John, the youngest, in Sandusky, OHl. She died in Blanchard township, Hardin county, OH, 27 Jan 1842. The accompanying cut of herself and husband (see page 103 of Andrew Adams' book) were made from photographs of portraits painted soon after their marriage and are believed to have been the first painted in Sandusky or in Huron county. For further history of Nancy Adams, see biography of her husband, Mathew McKelvey. Her father, Bildad Adams, was prominently connected with the early history of Huron County, having assisted in its organization and having been one of the first three commissioners elected in the fall of 1815, and having been re-elected and served in that capacity till 1822. During the time of his service as commmisioner he resided in Greenfield township, where his wife, Mary Haynes, died 07 Sep 1822. Sometime thereafter he married Esther Harper, a widow, and moved to Milan township, where he died in the fall of 1826. He and his son John served in the War of 1812, and his father, Joel Adams, was a Lieutenant in the Second Company of Suffield in the First Connecticut Regiment during the Revolution, or War for Independence.

Bildad Adams (b. April 18, 1800- Marlboro, Vt.) (d. 1828- Milan Ohio) Unmarried

Maria Adams (b. Dec. 25, 1801 - Marlboro, Vt.) (d. March 13, 1803- Marlboro, Vt.)

Candace Adams (b. Sept. 1, 1803 -Marlboro, Vt.) (d. May 28, 1883 - Branch County, Michigan) Married Lewis Andrews on Dec. 21, 1826 in Milan Ohio. He died in Branch County in 1884.

Horace Hale Adams (b. May 21, 1805 - Marlboro, Vt.) ( d. April 12, 1847 - Porter Twp., Michigan ) Married Lorania G. Kinney in Milan, Ohio. Six children blessed this marriage: Franklin B., Phebe, Uri Mason, Sarah Lucina, Emily Lorania, and Mary Calista. Wife, Lorania died Aug. 15, 1850. More about Horace Hale and Lorania G. (Kinney) Adams

Sarah Adams (b. Feb. 17, 1807 - Marlboro, Vt.) (d. in possibly Canada) Married Gilbert Morden. They had one child.

Emily Adams (b. Nov. 1, 1809- Marlboro, Vt.) (d. Dec. 31, 1888 - Lawton, Michigan) Married Luther Kinney Dec. 2, 1830. Luther was the son of Elijah and Lucretia (Colvin) Kinney. Emily and Luther did not have children. He died Feb. 9, 1882.

Susanna Adams (b. Aug. 27, 1811- Marlboro, Vt.) (d May 29, 1832- Huron, Ohio) Married Dr. Charles H. Leggett of Huron on Jan. 1, 1832. Both were drowned in May while attempting to cross the Huron river in a rowboat. There were no children in this marriage. ********************************************************************************************** Copying of the files within by non-commercial individuals and libraries is encouraged. This message must appear on all copied files. Commercial copying must have permission. Submitted by Kathy Linderholm