Letter from Hazel Adams

Updated: 26 July 2008

Hazel Grace Adams as a young girl.

Letter written by Hazel Adams on 22 July 1995 (8 days before her 98th birthday)

Dear Fellow Members of the Adams-McKain Families:

The second newsletter is absolutely wonderful, and I thank Jim, Shauna, and Barbara for writing it.

I particulary enjoyed the Franklin B. Adams history and while reading about Franklin B. and Lucinda (Fletcher) Adams, it reminded me about my father, George Washington Adams, nee Alford, who was born on 29 January 1859 and died 13 February 1941. He was an orphan at the age of 5 years because his father, George Washington Alford, died 28 July 1863 from wounds received in action at Port Hudson, LA on 30 June. George, Senior was a corporal in the 6th Michigan Infantry during the Civil War, and is buried at Baton Rouge National Cemetery, Louisiana. George's mother, Ann Marie (Stewart) Alford, his brother, Frank, and his sister, Stella died of cholera within a short time of each other. Uncle Franklin and Aunt Lucinda raised my father with Dad adopting the last name of Adams, so my last name was originally Alford. Although I wish I knew the exact age Dad left home, he was a young man when he went out on his own. He married Effa May Adams and they moved to Marcellus in 1894. He operated a livery barn, taught school, and delivered mail. The family moved to Detroit in 1924. My brother's son has the middle name of Alford. I am proud to be part of the Adams-McKain families and I remain proud as the years roll by.

As I read an article in the Ann Arbor News about 19th century funeral customs centered in the family parlor, I thought about the parlor at the Centennial Farm. I recall it was a room used only for special occasions such as funerals and Christmas. My Grandmother, Jane (Woods-McKain) Adams died 22 February 1913 on the farm while visiting her son, Chester--it is said of eating too much potato soup. I don't remember if her funeral was in the parlor or at Harmony Chapel. I also remember the piano was in the parlor and I can see Dorothy playing it.

I'm so happy about the number of families who attended the 75th reunion and was particulary pleased Clare (Adams) Price and family attended. It brought to mind the many good times I had visiting Uncle Archie, Aunt Lillie, Carl, and Clare (Adams) when I was a child. Clare, Ruth Sykes Brown, and I are the only ones left of the original families. I always had a good time with Uncle Archie and family and Aunt Lillie was a good cook. I have a picture of my sister, Hyldred, siting on their well platform playing with a puppy. I had a wonderful 98th birthday with Jack, Louise, Marilyn, her dog, Maggie, and Barbara. I received many cards from family and friends including one from Clare, and I still remember the wonderful visit I had some time ago with Clare, Francis, and Mildred. I appreciate others who have contacted me since I have been at Northfield Place.

Hello to everyone: I will be thinking and praying for all of you on Sunday, August 6th.

Hazel Adams