Mary Calista Adams

Updated: 18 March 2009

Mary Calista Adams Smith: Buried 27 years after her death

Mary Calista Adams Smith, daughter of Horace Hale Adams and sister of Sarah L. Adams Fletcher, died Dec. 31, 1919, Orange, N.J. Body was placed in Rosedale Receiving Vault, X-3104, Orange N. J. on Jan. 3, 1920. In 1947, Emory Brown, husband of Muriel Fletcher Brown and president of the town council in Marcellus, Michigan, received a letter from an attorney representing Gross and Beck regarding the body of Mary Calista Adams. If willing relatives were not located she would be interred in a common grave with three others who had been held over twenty years. Muriel Brown contact six known relatives. Replies and checks were received from Mrs. George Adams, Annie of Kenmore Assoc., Inc. Fredericksburg, Va., and Roxanne of Kalamazoo.

Following is the correspondence with Gross and Beck, 282 Main St. Orange, N. J. 5-21-47 Gross & Beck will release body without payment of crypt rental charges 6-02-47 Body left Orange and hour ago. $2.69 still due 6-02-47 Ernest N. French, 350 Main St. East Orange, N. J.. wrote Oscar Romig, funeral director in Marcellus, Michigan: "Casket same as when placed in the vault, except a little tarnished. It was a fine casket, metallic lining and chestnut outer box, and is okay for final internment." Enclosed burial permit to be deposited with cemetery after burial.

Mary Calista Adams Smith was buried in Marcellus, Michigan on June 4, 1947. She is buried in the Marcellus (Bly) cemetery, Lot # 370, Space 2 next to David Smith, who died on February 13, 1901. This lot is located six rows west of the wood sexton building in the older part of the cemetery. Immediately south of the Smith lot is the lot of Uriah Mason Adams. There is a large monument for both David and Mary Smith with an individual marker "Father" for David.

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