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Connection to the Adams family. Isaac Leonard Bates married Emily Lorainia Adams.

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Samuel Bates (09 Nov 1738) married Eunice Sherman (06 Oct 1744 - 26 Jul 1775) and had a son Rufus.

Rufus Bates (09 Dec 1765) married Lucy Fay (27 Sep 1767) on 24 Dec 1789 in Brimfield, Hampshire, MA. They had a son, Jarius Bates.

Jarius Bates (16 Jul 1794 - 08 Aug 1870) married Zurina Sophia Phelps (d. 1840) and had:

  1. Isaac Leonard Bates (b. 12 July 1835, d. 18 January 1927) married Emily Lorainia Adams (b. 10 April 1839, d. 08 Sep 1911) on 22 Feb 1866 in Porter. Portrait of Emily L. Adams & Isaac Leonard Bates.
  2. Augusta Bates (1833 - ) married Mr. Soule
  3. Brother Bates (1830 - )
  4. Betsy Elizabeth Bates (1833 - )
  5. Caroline Emily Bates (1833 - 1921) married Solomon Abraham Kusel (1825 - 1905). They had a son, Isaac Newton Kusel (1854 - 1884)

Isaac Leonard Bates and Emily Lorainia Adams had 3 children:

  1. Franklin Adams Bates (b. 06 Sep 1867, d. 28 Aug 1924) married Laura Perkins (b. 23 Sep.)
  2. Sarah Sophia Bates (b. 18 Sep 1869, d. 10 Feb 1970) married Jason Dustin Feller (b. 27 Mar 1869, d. 31 July 1942). They had 4 children: Violet Ethel Feller, Emily Laura Feller, Edith Sarah Feller, and a son.
  3. Minnie Leonora Bates (b. 14 June 1876, d. 28 Nov 1965) married William Henry Anstiss (b. 05 Aug 1869, d. 24 Dec 1959)

Article on Edith Sarah Feller Johnson: (25 Feb 1976)

Mrs. Johnson is 76 Mother of the Year

Mrs. Raymond (Edith) Johnson of Groton has been selected Mother of the Year 1976 for the Groton area. Her name has been entered in state competition with the State Mother to be announced in March. The State Mother will go to national competition.

Mrs. Johnson will be honored at a tea in the Governor's mansion in April and at the local Jaycette salad luncheon later this spring. The Groton Jaycettes have sponsored a candidate for Mother of the Year for the past nine years.

Edith Johnson was born December 8, 1908 at rural Andover, Scotland Township, to Jason and Sarah Feller, a family rich in pioneer heritage. She attended rural school and graduated from Groton High School in 1927. After receiving a two-year teaching certificate from Northern, she taught a year at both Columbia and Pierpont. In 1933, she was married to Ray Johnson. The Johnsons have three children: Mrs. Nickolas (Jeanne) Capozzoli of New York, Mrs. Rex (Joanne) May, and Jerald Wayne Johnson. {rest of article missing--please submit to Jim Adams for inclusion}