The Cady Connection

Updated: 03 September 2006

Thanks to June L. Beckwith who has been furnishing the genealogy on the Puffer side of the family!

1. Nicholas and Judith (Knapp) Cady of Watertown, Mass,

2. James and Hannah (Barron) Cady,

3. Sgt. John and Elizabeth (Stoughton) Cady,

4. Ebenezer and Prudence (Palmer) Cady (the GtGrandparents of Elizabeth Cady Stanton),

5. Dr. Timothy and Elizabeth (Cady) Puffer,

6. Ira and Charity (Pangborn) Puffer,

7. James M. and Roxanne (Puffer) Wood,

8. Frederick and Ellen (Wood) Bent

9. Roxanna Arvilla (Bent) and Horace Chester Adams

10. Uriah Mason Adams & Clarice Ann Nemmers

11. James Ross Adams