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John Peter Fischbach (20 April 1862 - 11 April 1924) married Anna Nemmers (17 Nov 1868 - 27 May 1948), daughter of Michael and Katharine Nemmers. They had 8 children:
1. Alvina Ketherina (Nov 15, 1889-June 6, 1951) who joined the Franciscan Order and was known as Sister Francesco. (see obituary below)
2. Agnes Maria (Dec 28, 1892-Jan 14, 1974) married George Schmitz at Granville on May 27, 1914. Later they moved to Los Angeles, California.
3. John Peter, Jr. (May 10, 1895-Sep 6, 1916) was a carpenter in the Granville area.
4. Sylvia Elizabeth (Dec 6, 1896-Jan 30, 1940) married John Peter Gaul at Granville on November 15, 1921. They lived in Granville and were blessed with ten children: Gertrude, Verna, Joan, Ruth, Mark, Marjorie, Elinor, Rosemary, Clare and Joseph.
5. Marie Anna (Feb 25, 1899-Jan 14, 1973) married Andrew Schwebach on February 21, 1933 at Granville. They had two sons, Stephen and David. They farmed near Dell Rapids, South Dakota.
6. Rose Margaret (June 23, 1900-Sept 1, 1984) lived in Granville all her life. She worked in the Post Office and was Post Master for many years.
7. Joseph Michael (Sept 14, 1902-May 25, 1906) died from illness at a very early age.
8. Veronica Anna (March 27, 1905-May 25, 1906) died from illness as a baby.

Sister Mary Francesco Fischbach Obituary

Telegraph Herald, Dubuque, Iowa, Wednesday, 6 June 1951, pg 18, C2

Sister Mary Francesco Fischbach died at 10:30 am Wednesday in the Mt. St. Francis infirmary. Funeral services will be at 9 am Friday in the Mt. St. Francis chapel. The Streuber funeral home is in charge. A daughter of the late John and Anna Nemmers Fischbach, of Granville, Ia, she entered the novitiate at Mt. St. Francis Aug 29, 1909, and was received as a novice May 19, 1910. Survivors are three sisters, Mrs. Agnes Schmitz, of Los Angeles, Mrs. Mae Schewbach, of Dell Rapids, SD, and Rose Fischbach of Granville. Sister Mary Clarence, OSF, is a niece, and Sister Mary Lillian, OSF, a cousin. Source