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Updated: 01 November 2009

If you have information (births, marriages, obituaries, photographs, etc.) on the Haxmeier (Hoxmeier) or related families please contact Jim Adams (adamsmckain at gmail.com).

Theodore Haxmeier (07 Jan 1814 in Hanover, Stadt Hannover, Niedersachsen, Germany - 30 Nov 1871 in St. Donatus, Jackson, IA, USA) married Caroline Nemmers (b. 1827 in Dondelange, Luxembourg - 16 March 1869 in St. Donatus, IA). They had 7 children:
1. Heinrich P.
2. Helena
3. Mary
4. Margaret
5. Anna
6. John
7. Michael

Haxmeier Family Tree (MaryChambers56) at Ancestry.com. She has a large number of photographs and other documents on her page.