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Updated: 29 June 2009

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Kinney Family History written by Robert Brown for the 2009 Adams-McKain Family Reunion Newsletter, 01 July 2009. (PDF)With photographs of Luther & Emily (Adams) Kinney, Didymus C. Kinney, Lorania (Kinney) Matthews McDaniels with granddaughters Opal & Oriel Matthews.

[NI297] Elijah Kinney was the father and founder of the portion of Porter Twp, Van Buren County, Michigan, known as the Kinney Settlement. He came from Milan, Ohio in 1835 with his wife and seven unmarried children, his son, Luther, and family, and his son-in-law, Samuel Corey. Elijah bought four 80 acre lots in Section 24. This was later occupied by his son, Stephen. Luther moved to St. Joe. Uri Kinney, a nephew of Elijah's settle in Section 12 of Porter Twp in 1835. Stephan, the brother of Elijah, came from Milan, Ohio in fall of 1836 with his wife and eight children, accompanied by a John Webber and John Bennett. He bought 240 acres in Section. 26. He died in 1874. His son, Orrin G. Kinney came with his father and settled on Section 25 in 1842. Niles H. Kinney, from Huron County, Ohio in 1835 with sons, Didymus, William, and Nathan.

source: Michigan Historical Collections 3/17/1962 Michigan Heritage Magazine.

The following history was written by Robert Brown for the 2009 Adams-McKain Family Reunion Newsletter:

Elijah’s brothers’ families

Elijah’s brother Stephen (~1782-1847) married Hannah Wright in 1810.  They came to Porter Twp. in the fall of 1838 with a family of eight children.  They bought 230 acres in Section 26.  His son, Orrin Gates Kinney (1815-1882), married Rachel Judson on June 26, 1841, and they located in Section 25 in 1842.  Prior to her marriage at age 20, Rachel was living in the household of Horace Hale and Lorania (Kinney) Adams for at least three years, and they were the witnesses-of-record at the marriage.  Stephen and Hannah’s son Stephen Hiram Kinney (b. 1833) was the youngest of their 14 children.  He served in the Civil War and married Sara Louise Millman.   

Elijah’s brother Didymus (b. 1773) married Phebe Hartwell in 1795 and they were the parents of Niles Hartwell Kinney (b. 1800 in NY).  Niles H. Kinney (d. 1856) and Sarah (Lilly) Spears (d. 1847) moved to Prairie Rond Twp., Kalamazoo Co., in 1835.  They had six children, but we only have the names of five.  The oldest and the youngest, Didymus C. (b. 1823 in Ohio & d. 1898) and Nathan S. Kinney (b. March 9, 1844 in Prairie Ronde Twp. & d. Feb. 15, 1928) both lived in Kalamazoo Co. at the times of their deaths.   Didymus C. Kinney married Caroline Webb in 1855, and they had four children:  Frank W, Elmer D., Charles, and Sarah. 

Didymus Kinney
Didymus C. Kinney

Nathan S. Kinney married  Mary McKain (sister of Jane Woods McKain) on Feb. 4, 1869.  They lived in Oshtemo (Kalamazoo Co.).  He was a merchant, Postmaster, and Township Supervisor for nine years.  Nathan and Mary had five children:  Ethel, D. C., Hartwell, Hal N., and Nathaniel.  Thus the Nathan S. & Mary Kinney branch of the family is connected to the reunion from both the Adams and McKain sides. 

On pages 3-5 of the 2000 newsletter is information about Nathan’s sister, Phebe H. (Kinney) Sayles, in an article about the death of her daughter, Kittie (Sayles) Moore and seven other Moore family members in the Iroquois Theater Fire in Chicago (30 Dec. 1903).  The Sayles family lived in Oceana Co., Mich.  Two others brothers moved west:  Niles H. to Iowa and William to Nebraska.  Another sister died at age 11 in a fire (apparently while at school). 

Elijah’s brother Joseph was born in 1779 in Amenia, Dutchess Co., NY.  He was living in Orchard Park, Erie Co., NY, in 1803, and he married Priscilla Richmond (1782-1861) that same year.  They had four children, all born in NY:  Thurman (b. 1810), Miranda (b. 1818), Joseph R. (b. 1820), and Lavelette (b. May 6, 1826, in Buffalo, NY).   Joseph and family moved to Hancock Co., Illinois, and both Joseph and Priscilla died there—Joseph in 1843 and Priscilla in 1861.

Lavelette Kinney married Jane Butler on Oct. 18, 1849, in Quincy, Illinois.  He died on Oct. 25, 1895, in Mitchell, Kansas, and she died on June 4, 1911, in Chelan Co., Wash., and is buried in Cashmere, Wash.  This branch of the Kinney family is in touch with the reunion.   


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Elijah Kinney married Lucretia Colvin.