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William Leon Kunce (b. 08 March 1897 - 08 Dec 1976) married Helen Mabel Adams (b. 29 June 1895 - 23 June 1977) on 23 May 1923. They had:

  1. Robert William Kunce (b. 15 Dec 1929 - 17 Aug 2004) married Nancy Rollins. They had a daughter, Kathleen Robin Kunce (b. 30 Sep 1958 - 29 Nov 2008).
  2. Mary Helen Kunce (b. 06 April 1924) married Willie Roy Mattix.

William Leon Kunce opened the first New York Stock Exchange office in Nevada in 1944.

William Leon Kunce portrait

Robert William Kunce portrait

Kunce Obituaries

ROBERT KUNCE died Tuesday, August 17, 2004 at home in Galveston, TX. Robert was born to William and Helen (Adams) Kunce on15 December 1929. Some of Robert’s activities included chef, owner, and entertainer at the “Wharf” Restaurant in Gilchrist and later at the “Dinner on the Diner” in Galveston. He also wrote newspaper reviews of theater and musical events in various newspapers. He was the organist at the St. John Lutheran Church for the last 13 years and played the organ at other places for church services and weddings as well as performing wedding ceremonies. He was a member of the Galveston Musical Club where he performed some of his own compositions. Survivors are his two daughters, Kathy Linderholm, her husband Harold, and Mary Beasley, along with 4 granddaughters, Jennifer Linderholm Ward, and Nikki, Mandi, and Lexi Beasley. Robert’s sister, Maryhelen Shotland lives in the mountains of Arizona. A memorial service was held August 28, 2004 at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Galveston, TX. His body was donated to the University of Texas Health Science Center.

William L. Kunce A communication from Mrs. Helen Adams Kunce states that her husband William L. Kunce passed away on December 8 at the Reno, Nevada Hospital. Services were held at the Sierra Chapel in Reno with burial at Mountain View Cemetery. He leaves a wife, a daughter in Phoenix and a son in Houston. Mrs. Kunce is the former Helen Adams of Marcellus and a graduate of Marcellus High School. She taught school in Benton Harbor and Marcellus. Her address is 1050 Pine Ridge Drive, Reno, Nevada 89509.

Kunce, William -- In Reno on December 8, 1976. A native of Portland, Indiana, age 78 years. Survived by his wife Helen of Reno; son Robert of Houston, Texas and daughter Mrs. Maryhelen Shotland of Phoenix, Arizona. Funeral services will be held Friday afternoon at 3 p.m. in the Walton Funeral Home, Reno. Interment will follow in the Mt. View Cemetery. The family request donations be made to the Sister Seraphim Charity Fund, c/o St. Mary's Hospital, Reno, or the charity of your choice. Reno Evening Gazette, Thursday, Dec. 9, 1976.

In Memory of
William Kunce
1898 - 1976
Sierra Chapel, Walton Funeral Home
December 10, 1976
at three o'clock
Reverend William Barrett
St. John's Presbyterian Church
Organist: Helen Tolotti
Soloist: Wally Fullerton
Casket Bearers
Tom McCann + John Heward
David Deming + Ted Moore
James Lloyd + Larry Metler
Mountain View Cemetery

Helen Adams Kunce -- Word has been received that Helen Adams Kunce passed away June 23, 1977. Her husband, William Kunce, died December 8, 1976. She was born June 29, 1895 in Marcellus, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George W. Adams. She graduated in 1914 from Marcellus High School. Helen taught school several years in Michigan before going to California and she also taught there. Survivors are two children, Mary and Robert Kunce; also two younger sisters, Hazel Adams of Detroit, and Hyldred Adams Gale of Coloma.

From the Bridge to the Ferry
by Robert Kunce (a tribute to his father, William Kunce) The Gulf Coast News, 08 Dec 1982
With your indulgence I would like to take the remaining portion of this column to write briefly of a good man who passed from this earth just 6 years ago.

Characterized by a national publication as "the epitomy of the ethical and honest man", Bill led his life as an example to all, to the members of his profession, to his community, and to his family. I think that he might have protested that statement because he never considered himself to be an important leader, it was his quiet, earnest work, always with good humor, that set him apart.

Born in 1896, a high school graduate, Bill never had the opportunity to attend college, but started his working life, after service in France in World War I, as a telegraph operator. He labored hard throughout the Great Depression and World War II sometimes holding down 3 full time jobs. At the outbreak of WWII Bill was in front of the line on December 8, 1941 trying to enlist, only to be told he was too old.

So, in addition to his full time job, he took two others in the defense and rail industry. He continued to work through the inner-workings of the investment banking business, becoming, in the early 40s the manager of the first New York Stock Exchange brokerage house in the State of Nevada. There, never to become a rich man himself, he handled the fortunes of multi-million dollar corporations, wealthy individuals, and the man on the street who needed investment advice, always given with the clients financial interests foremost in his mind.

All the while he took on civic responsibilities, leading the United Crusade, working on the Art Museum Board and remaining, as much as possible, out of the limelight, just doing all family thing, church, school, vacations together, and they raised two children.

His memory still makes a mark in Nevada, for through the Memorial Scholarship Fund established at the University of Nevada, Reno, since 1976, 13 students have been aided in completion of their educatiion, the education Bill never had but always respected.

On December 8th each year I spend extra time thinking of Bill and his good and quiet work and life. I didn't call him Bill...I call him Dad. William Leon Kunce, 1896-1976.