Nemmers Ancestors From Tuntange (Tuntingen)

Updated 18 March 2001

The following is taken from an email (11 March 2001) from Suzanne Bunkers.

"I'm doing genealogical work this morning and found some handwritten information on the NEMMERS ancestral lines sent to me by Jean-Claude Muller some years ago. I looked again at your e-mail message of Feb. 1, 2001, about "No Nemmers in Tintange" (below). Our Nemmers ancestors were from Tuntange (Tuntingen in German), which is where Jean-Claude Muller got his information (parish records). Would you let me know if your information matches some or all of the information provided to me by Jean-Claude? The genealogical information that I'm reviewing comes from Dondelange (Dondelingen) and Tuntange (Tintingen). Here's what this genealogical chart, handwritten by Jean-Claude Muller, lists the following:

Jean-Nicholas (Johann Nicholaus) Nemmers b. 5-MAR-1783 d. 7-MAR-1857 m. 27-NOV-1811
Catherine (Catherina) Weber b. 2-FEB-1790 d. 23-MAR-1876 (or 1870?)

Jean-Nicholas Nemmers' parents were:
Petrus (Peter) Nemmers b. 6-NOV-1737 Tuntange d. 1-FEB-1783 Tuntange
Marguerite Kipsen b. ? d. 23-DEC-1781 Tuntange

After Marguerite Kipsen's death, Peter remarried:
Anna Maria Nesen m. 6-FEB-1882

NOTE: Peter Nemmers died on 1-FEB-1783.

Children of Peter Nemmers and Marguerite Kipsen:

1. Nicolus Nemmers b. 21-AUG-1770 Tuntange d. 17-JUL-1840 Dondelange
m. Catherine Wewer
Catherine Wewer b. 30-DEC-1759 d. 3-FEB-1835 Dondelange

2. Henri Nemmers b. 17-JUN-1775 Tuntange d. 5-FEB-1835 Nospelt
m. Marguerite Peiffer 24-Jan-1807
Marguerite Peiffer b. 13-APR-1787 Nospelt

3. Marguerite Nemmers b. 27-JUN-1777 Tuntange d. ?
m. Egide Peiffer 24-Jan-1807 Kellen

4. Jean-Nicholas Nemmers b. 5-MAR-1783 Tuntange d. 7-MAR-1857 St. Donatus, IA
Please NOTE: Jean-Nicholas's mother was Peter's second wife, Anna Maria Nesen (Niessen)
m. Catherine Weber 27-NOV-1811 Kellen
Catherine Weber: b. 2-FEB-1790 Dondelange
d. 23-MAR-1876 (or 1870?) St. Donatus, IA

Thanks for letting me know if the above information matches what you have. I'm not sure about the date of death for Catherine Weber; Jean-Claude lists it as 1876 rather than 1870. Perhaps he got the date from St. Donatus records, perhaps from the tombstone of Catherine on one of his visits to St. Donatus in the past. Do you know which year (1870 or 1876) is actually correct?
Suzanne Bunkers"

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