Luxembourg Parish Record (Nemmers)

Updated 16 March 2001

The following is taken from an email (13 March 2001) from Suzanne Bunkers.

"In reviewing old e-mail files, I came across your old message (below). It's interesting to see how much we've learned (and found in the attic!) since you sent me that message below two years ago. Now we know that Jean-Nicholas Nemmers was born in Tuntange, and his son Nicholas was born in Dondelange. Re: Anna-Maria Nesen's origins, I double-checked the information sent by Jean-Claude Muller. She was listed as being from Brouch (commune) and from the parish of Buschdorf. When the marriage was recorded, that would have been the meaning of "Brouch par Buschdorf." Today, one "ville" is viewed as a "burb" of the other. Learning about the past, bit by bit, is what makes this kind of research so compelling. I will list your e-mail address on my NEMMERS web page so that interested individuals can get in touch with you. BTW, the enlargement of the handwritten chart from Jean-Claude is much easier to decipher. I look forward to our sharing of information in the future.
Best wishes,

To Suzanne from Steve Nemmers:
I thought I'd give you a partial update on our joint roots. Despite what it apparently says on his tombstone in Iowa, John Nicholas Nemmers was not born in Luxembourg. His marriage certificate of 27 November 1811 states that his domicile was Dondlange, Luxembourg, but his birthplace was "tintelange" (lower case s.i.c.). I'm doing further research to possibly confirm but I currently believe that to be Tintlange, Belgium. See attached link to map; it might even have been in Luxembourg in 1811.

Map of Tintelange, Luxembourg from Expedia Maps.

While the business languages in Luxembourg have varied (e.g, marriages in French and deaths in German during the same period in what I've found), it currently appears to me that when our joint many, great-grandpa moved to Dondlange, his name was Jean Nicolas (aka Jeannicolas) Nemmers. His parents were Pierre Nemmers and Anne Marie Niesen. Later as the language became more German, he adopted Johann Nicolas as his name. Tintlange is in Walloon (French Celtic) Belgium so the French names would be consistent.

The spelling "Nemmers" is consistent for Jean/Johann. His signature is well made in a number of documents so I assume that he was literate, although his occupation was day laborer. I have come across another Nemmers family in Dondlange. Henry/Henri sometimes spelled his name on German documents "Nemmertz". I have not connected the two families; Henri's parents are different. However, given the commonality of several first names in the two clans and their presence together, I'd guess either cousins or uncle-nephew.

More sometime,

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