Johan Nicolas Nemmers History

Updated 08 May 2001

The following is taken from an email (07 May 2001) from Steve Nemmers.

"John Nicolaus Nemmers and all of his decendents came from Dondel (aka Dondelingen; Dondelange), Luxembourg, to the Iowa in the late 1840s. The well circulated family tree shows him at the base with his wife Catharina Weber. John Nicolaus was born in Tuntange (aka Tintange; Tuntingen), Luxembourg,. His father, Petrus (aka Pierre; Pieter) lived in Tuntange until his death at age 46 (1 Feb 1783). Petrus was married three times.

The first marriage was to (Maria) Barbara Malliet; they had three children: Maria (b. 18 Nov 1761), (Maria) Barbara (b. 20 Mar 1764), and Joannis Bernardis (b. 25 Feb 1767) . On 4 Feb 1782, Barbara married Nicolai Petri, they had at least 13 children and she remained in Tuntange until she died in 1853.

The second marriage was to Marguerithe Kipgen; they had 7 children: Catharina (b. 11 Mar 1769), Nicolas (b. 21 Aug 1770), Maria (b. 24 Sep 1773), Henri (17 Jun 1775), Margarethe (b. 27 Jun 1777), Rosa (b. 18 Oct 1778) and Susanna (b. 25 March 1780).

The third marriage was to our ancestor, Anne Marie Nesen (aka Neeson; Niessen). They had a one child, John Nicholas (b. 5 Mar 1783).

John Nicholas and his half-brothers Nicholas and Henri moved from Tuntange to Dondel.

Petrus was born 6 November 1737 in Tuntange. His parents were Joannis Nemmers and Elisabetha (last name unknown). Joannis was born about 1710 (probably in Bruch., Luxembourg) and lived in Tuntange until his death at age 81 (d. 6 Feb 1791). Joannis and Elisabetha had 4 children: Petrus, Anna Maria (b. 13 Dec 1739), Carolus (b. 16 Jan 1741), and Joannis (b. 2 Jul 1742).

I am still researching Joannis' parents. It seems likely that he had two siblings: Agnes and Carolus."

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