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A new line has been "discovered"! Roxanna Arvilla (Bent) Adams was the Granddaughter of Roxanne (Puffer) and James Wood. Return to this page to learn more about the Puffer connection. An excellent genealogical source for the Puffer line is: "Descendants of George Puffer of Braintree, Massachusetts 1639-1915" by Charles Nutt, A.B. Member of the New England Historic Genealogical Society, the American Historical Association, the Worcester Society of Antiquity; author of numerous volumes of Genealogy. You can find this book at Higginson Book Company in Salem, MA for $48.50 (Addition to Puffer book by June Beckwith)

Dave Caranci is willing to answer queries on the Puffer line. He has the complete Puffer Genealogy book (above) in a database including missing/incorrect information. Contact Dave at (ncdave4 at gmail.com).

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Jim Adams' line:
1. James R. Adams

2. Clarice Ann (Nemmers) 1913-1987 & Uriah Mason Adams (1907-1989)

3. Roxanna Arvilla (Bent) 1876-1963 & Horace Chester Adams (1868-1953)

4. Ellen Marie (Wood) (23 Feb 1851in Florence, St. Joseph, MI, USA - 09 May 1917 in Marcellus, Cass, MI, USA) & Frederick M. Bent (10 July 1846 in Mecklenburg, Germany - 14 Sep 1916 in Marcellus, Cass, MI, USA)

5. Roxanne (Puffer) (1825- d. 08 March 1910, age 85 yrs, 5 mos, 16 days) & James Wood (d. 21 May 1910, age 88 yrs, 8 mos, 29 days). Daughter of Ira John Puffer (19 June 1780 in Shaftsbury, Bennington, VT, USA - 1842 in Owego, Tioga, NY, USA) and Charity Pangborn (1785 in Shaftsbury, Bennington, VT, USA - ?)

6. Charity (Pangborn) (1785- ) & Ira John Puffer (19 June1780-1842)

7. Elizabeth (Cady) & Dr. Timothy Puffer (06 June 1756) married in 1779
Elizabeth's brother, Eleazer Cady was the grandfather to Elizabeth (Cady) Stanton, the leader of the women's rights movement. Timothy was a soldier in the American Revolution

8. Esther (Clark) & Timothy Puffer (1714 - ). Served in the American Revolution.

9. Elizabeth Guild (1685 - 1762) & William H. Puffer (1686 - 1754). He was a partner in the Land Bank in 1740 and was a proprietor of Upper Ashuelot, Kenne, NH, also one of the proprietors of Livermore, Maine which was granted to the soldiers at Port Royal.

10. Ruth (Everett) & Richard Puffer (1657- 1723). He was the 1st grandson of George Puffer, settled in Wrentham, Mass. He was a soldier in King Phillip's War in Capt. John Holbrook's company.

11. Mary (Ludden) & James Puffer (c. 1624-1692)
His farm was at Ship Cove, now called Quincy Neck, Mass. and he also owned land in what is now the town of Randolph. Though he followed farming he was also described as a boatman. He was elected constable about 1680.

12. Elizabeth (Sedley) (b.about 1604 -1676) & George Puffer (c. 1600-1639). He came over from England around 1623. His father was William and was born in Warwickshire England (probably in a village called Harts Hill) about 1575. Source: Bob Puffer

The Puffer name is German in origin but George Puffer came from England. He was one of the residents to whom land was granted at Mount Wollaston, which was afterwards the town of Braintree, now the city of Quincy (Mass.). The record shows that he was granted 20 acres of land and there were five in his family.

Many thanks to June for providing me with the information on the Puffer line. Check out June's Webpage (You will have to go to the "Way Back Machine" to get the archived site. AOL has shutdown public websites and the genealogy data is no longer posted)

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The Will of Mary Puffer, widow of Dr. Timoty Puffer (transcribed by June Beckwith)

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