1921 Adams-McKain Family Reunion

Updated: 16 October 2010

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(3rd Adams-McKain Family Reunion 21 August 1921)

Photo of Mary Kinney, Joe McKain, Esther McKain, Alan Copley. 21 August 1921.

The Adams-McKain Reunion
August 21, 1921

The Annual reunion of the Adams – McKain families was held Sunday August twenty-first, at the cottage of Mr. and Mrs. H.H. Adams at West Side Park,  Bankson Lake.

About fifty-two members were present ranging in age from three months to seventy-six years, and old and young spent an enjoyable day together.

After a sumptuous picnic dinner, of which all partook, a business meeting was called and it was voted to hold the reunion the first Sunday in August. It was also voted to hold it at the same place, Whrest-A-While Cottage, the following year, and a secretary, myself, was elected, to notify members, and keep an account of the important happenings, births, deaths, marriages, etc.

During the past year there has been one birth. Harry Elderkin, son of Mr. and Mrs. H.W. Ashford, Mrs. Violet Feller Ashford, being grand-daughter of Mr. and Mrs. I.L. Bates.

There has been also one marriage, that of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Adams of Charlevoix, Michigan.

Rena E. Thornton

p. 2: continued


Harry Elderkin, son of Mr. and Mrs. H.W. Ashford. Mrs. Violet Feller Ashford is a grand daughter of Mr. and Mrs. I.L. Bates, Andover, S. Dakota.

James Murray – son of Mr. and Mrs. James Murray born Sept 27, 1921, another son Robert Gerald, born Sept 14, 1924.

Virginia Marie Copley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E.E. Copley born May 3, 1921.

Mary Lou Copley daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E.E. Copley, born March 3rd, 1925.

John Frederick Adams, son of Dr. and Mrs. R.U. Adams, born May 28th, 1925

Page 1A: Four photographs of "The Group"

"After the first newsletter was published in August 1995, Horace corrected spelling of his parents sign on the cottage to “Wrest-A-While” and explained the sign is a play on words. Wrest is defined by persistent effort “which implies that for one to find “rest” at this cottage you could not simply sit down & start to rock, but that it took a great effort to achieve it with all the effort that was required to maintain and support it.” (Note added by Barbara Gale)

Page 4: Three photographs of the Thorntons. Captions: Ralph Dudley and Richard Kenneth Thornton.

H.H. (Bert) Adams and son Horace

Ralph Dudley Thornton, killed by an auto in Battle Creek April 15th 1920--aged 6 1/2 years.

p. 4: Members present

p. 5: continued plus 2 pictures (1 large group under grape arbor & Ross, Chester, Effie, Archie, Mary, Mason) The Six Children of Uriah and Jane Adams

p. 6: 6 shots of the the group in 1921

p. 7: Clara Thornton and Uncle Nate. Second picture: possibly Mason Clarence

(Transcribed from Book #1 by James. R. Adams)