1922 Adams-McKain Family Reunion

Updated: 09 June 2009

Photo of reunion taken at Bankson Lake. Please contact Jim Adams (adamsmckain at gmail.com) if you can identify this picture. Photo includes Clare (Adams) Price, Joe McKain, Hydred (Adams) Gale, Pearl (Eisenhauer) Adams, Josephine, Lilly (Adams) Price, Roxanna (Bent) Adams.

4th Adams-McKain Family Reunion 06 August 1922

p. 1

Eighty-one were present and the usual good time and bountiful dinner were enjoyed. Two pictures: Archie, Effie, Bert, Mary, Frank, Ross, Mason, Chester (Aunt Anna), Sitting: Mrs. F.B. Adams & daughter, Clara Adams Thornton. The Older Adams Descendants and Mrs. F.B. Adams

Group picture includes from left to right: Claire, Joe McKain, Hyldred, Pearl, Josephine, Lilly, Roxanna.

p. 2: two pictures: Children of Adams-McKain Familys

Out Bathing

p.3: Group picture (in front of grape arbor)

"Taking a Swim" (Hyldred, standing, Joe McKain, Jane McKain)

p. 4: newspaper clipping of Miss Ruth Sykes and William Armstrong Browne wedding (01 Dec 1922 or 1923)

p. 5: 4 pictures of reunion "Held at Bert and Iva's Cottage 1922"

p. 6: "Family Reunion Bankson Lake" Aug. 1922. 4 pictures, middle picture of small child standing on wood bench is Virginia Copley

p. 7: 4 pictures Caption: 1922

p. 8: 4 pictures. Caption: Decatur June 29, 1922. Boat picture: (Nelson on left, Mother 1922)

(Transcribed from Book #1 by James. R. Adams)