1924 Adams-McKain Family Reunion

6th Adams-McKain Family Reunion 03 August 1924

p.1: The Annual Adams-McKain Reunion met at the Cottage of Mr. and Mrs. H.H. Adams at Bankson Lake. A pleasant meeting of friends and relatives. A bountiful and enjoyment dinner was had. And all expect to meet another year.

Deaths: Laura Copley died Nov. 8th 1925. Laura was the wife of Earl Copley of Decatur, Michigan. She left three children. She will be greatly missed at the reunion.

Frank Adams Bates died August 28th 1924 and was buried in Geneva, Nebraska. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. I.L. Bates. His mother's maiden name was Emily Adams. People who knew him best, said his life was a reminder to them of Jesus Christ.

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(Transcribed from Book #1 by James. R. Adams)