1928 Adams-McKain Family Reunion

10th Adams-McKain Family Reunion 05 August 1928

p.1: The Tenth Annual Adams reunion was held at Mr. and Mrs. H.H. Adams summer home at Bankson Lake, Sunday, August 5th 1928.

p.4: 2 pictures & newspaper article "A Vacation Trip to Northern Michigan"


Picture 1 caption: Archie, Charles, Wade, Clare, Lily.

Picture 2: Roxie, Chester, Alice Kline, Jack Adams, June Adams, Effie, Dorothy.

"A Vacation Trip to Northern Michigan":

"Mrs. A.L. Adams, who lives southeast of Lawton, sends the following interesting account of a trip to Northern Michigan from which she recently returned:  

"Our party consisted of Mr. and Mrs. Don Price, Chas. Wade Price, myself and Mr. Adams. We started at 3:05 o'clock Sunday morning, by way of Kalamazoo on Route 31, and reached Mackinaw City at 6:30 p.m., where we stayed all night in a fine tourist camp. We crossed the Straits Monday forenoon to St. Ignace. While there we visited an Indian camp and purchased souvenirs to bring home."

"We then started on to Manistique Lake, where we camped for a week. On our way we passed many log and board houses, some were deserted, and fine churches and schoolhouses. We traveled on much better roads in the wilderness then we have here--fine gravel and cement.  

"We spent our first week fishing, reading, and visiting with the newcomers. We went two different days trout fishing, a distance of 40 miles, in company with Mr. and Mrs. Jimson of Germfask. We fried and ate our fish by campfire. The same day we drove to Grand Marais, walked along the shore of Lake Superior, then to the sand dunes and big falls."

"One day we wnet to the Big Springs, going out on a raft. You can see 40 feet down to the bottom. The water is so clear that throwing a penny in you can see it go to the bottom. Sunday we went to Manistique and visited the Crystal and Hiawatha Falls and other scenery, then drove back to our camp. This finishes the first week."  

"Monday we went to Sault Ste. Marie. We walked across the locks and watched the big freighters pass through the river. We viewed the town, then returned to camp.

"Tuesday we went by boat across St. Mary's river into Canada, looked the town over, did some shopping and went to see the landslide. That was quite a sight--something to go down and up again. We did it and gathered some pretty stones to bring home. Then we went back to Sault Ste. Marie to our camp. Wednesday we started back part way on the same road. We went to Munising, saw the falls and camped there one night.


 "We came home by way of Wisconsin. The first part was not much different than the northern part. The farther we drove the fields looked better--not very much good looking corn any place we traveled. We passed some fine houses and barns, lots of nice herds of cattle, most of them pasturing on the highway. We drove along the shore of the Menominee river, which was a pretty scene. The next place we camped was Iron Mountain, which was a pretty town . Milwaukee was one of our stopping places, and next to the last was the town of Manitowoc."


"The most thrilling part of our trip was going through Chicago at 11 o'clock at night. Some traffic! We couldn't get a public tourist camp, so we drove on to the outskirts of Indiana and camped on a crossroad beside a corn field. I stayed in the car and the rest tented and slept.   The next morning we started toward Marcellus, having finished a most delightful trip of 1700 miles, with only one flat tire each."


 "I forgot to mention along with the other sights, that we saw four beautiful deer and one large porcupine, coming from one of our fishing trips."

end of story.

(Transcribed from Book #1 by James. R. Adams)