1930 Adams-McKain Family Reunion

Updated: 25 August 2011

Transcribed from Reunion Book #1 by James R. Adams.: (NOTE: the minutes of 1930, 1931, and 1932 were mixed together and the reader may be confused about whether there was a 1931 reunion. The 1930 reunion is listed as the twelfth reunion, the 1931 reunion was not numbered and the 1932 reunion was listed at the thirteenth reunion. I tried to be faithful to the handwritten notes. Please let me know if you see an error.)

August 2nd 1930

The twelth annual reunion of Adams-McKain families was held August 2nd, 1930 at Thornton's resort, Huzzy Lake, near Lawton, Michigan.

Forty-one members were present. At the business session a motion was made and carried to elect a President, Secretary and Treasurer.

George Adams was chosen President.

Mary Adams Sykes was chosen Sec. and Treasurer. A Committee to select a meeting place for 1932. Mary Adams Sykes, George and Archie Adams appointed.

After expenses paid for 1931 meeting, balance of 60 cts. left in treasury.

In year of "1930" two Marriages occurred, Leon Fletcher Adams, son of Franklin and Josephine Adams, and Pearl Rose Mohney, were married June 7th, 1930.

Reed Franklin Thornton, son of Dudley and Clara Thornton, and Ocie Grice Chambers, were married April 7th 1930.

In year of 1930 two births and one death occurred. A son Donald Frederick Adams, was born to Leon and Pearl Adams, January 31st, 1931.

A son, Gerald L. Adams, was born to Carl and Helen Adams, June 14th 1931.

Leon Fletcher Adams, son of Franklin and Josephine Adams met tragic death, being instantly killed when the car in which he and his two companions were riding was struck by a train in the Village of Lawton, Michigan April 16th 1932.

In the year 1932 two births and one death recorded.

A daughter Barbara Lucille Gale, was born to Irving and Hyldred Gale, February 25th 1932.

A daughter Leone, was born to Pearl Mohney Adams, June 20th 1932. The father Leon Fletcher Adams having been killed in an accident April 16th 1932.

In June 1932 Ethel Kinney Mitchell died in her home in Oshtemo, Michigan. She was the wife of the late Ray Mitchell of Lawton and daughter of the late Nathan and Mary Kinney of Oshtemo.

At the 1931 meeting last year Earl Copley and family were the only ones of McKain family present. Earl's mother was Esther McKain Copley.

(NOTE: news story about the accident follows)





Duane Henion of Marcellus, Leon Adams of Vicksburg and Emery Wilmarth Jr. of Porter were instantly killed at the M.C. Crossing in Lawton Saturday afternoon about 4:15 o'clock. The three boys were high school classmates in Lawton a few years ago and were renewing former friendships. They started on their ill fated trip from the Wilmarth home about two miles south of Lawton. The full particulars of the accident will never be known as all three lives were snuffed out in an instant. Witnesses saw them going through Lawton very rapidly. Some think they were making about a 65 mile speed. Either they did not see the train nor hear the signal bells or they were going too fast to stop. Their car struck the second coach of a passenger train that was going through Lawton at the time causing the train coach to be derailed and run on the ties for some distance. It then struck a switch and luckily bounded back on the track. Such a return to the rails probably would not have happened one in a million times. But it happened in this instance and thus, without doubt, prevented a horrible railroad accident with the probable loss of many lives. The three boys who were killed all formerly lived in Porter. Each one (incomplete)

August 5th 1932

The Thirteenth Annual reunion of Adams McKain, was held at Hersey Lake at Thornton's resort 1932. Forty-five members were present. No business transacted, visiting, swimming, rowing, baseball and other games being enjoyed by various groups. (Picture of Dorothy Adams with Robert Kunce with caption "Aug, 1933 at the Farm"

August 6th 1933

The fourteenth Annual reunion of Adams-McKain reunion was again held at Thornton Resort, Hersey Lake. Oldest member 76 and youngest 18 mo.

Was decided to hold our 1934 at the same place. Clara McKain widow of late William McKain met with us for many years.

One birth during year. A daughter Mary Kay Thornton was born to Reed and Ocie Thornton. Dr. Reed is a son of Clara and Dudley Thornton. Date of birth May 18th 1933.

Merton Browne, son of Emory and Muriel Browne, was married Jan. 23rd 1933 to Carrie Anna Thornburg of Schoolcraft, Michigan. Merton is the grandson of Julius and Sophia Fletcher, great grandson of Dorsay and Sarah Fletcher, the later being Sarah Adams before her marriage.

A son Preston Emory Brown, was born to Merton and Anna Brown, January 19th 1934. This makes Preston Emory a great great grandson of the Dorsey and Sarah Fletcher.

August 5th 1934

The Fifthteenth Annual reunion of Adams-McKain families was held at Thornton's resort, Hersey Lake. Forty-six were present, youngest member admitted to our circle was Preston Emory Brown, young son of Merton and Anna Brown.

In absence of President George Adams, Frank Adams acted as chairman of the meeting.

A new President was elected. Earl Copley being unanimously voted in.

Secretary instructed to write The George Adams family proceedings of meeting.

The Secretary also instructed to send a message of sympathy to Mr. and Mrs. Irving Gale, whose father (Charles I. Gale) passed away the morning of our meeting. Mrs. Gale was formally Hyldred Adams.

Voted to hold our next meeting at same place, Hersey Lake.

August 3rd 1935-36

The Sixteenth Annual Adams-McKain reunion was held at Thornton Park, Huzzy Lake with the presence of forty-two members.

After greetings and visiting, the usual Bountiful dinner was enjoyed by all. After which followed the Election of Officers for the ensuing year.

President - H.H. Adams - Paw Paw, Mich.

Sec.Treas. - Maryan K. Adams - Lawton, Mich.

It was voted for the forth coming year to hold the next years meeting at Milham Park, Kalamazoo, Mich.

During the Past year we had the Misfortune of loosing one of our faithful members, Miss Lulu Thornton, who left us May 5-1936(?). Also we have added to our group, Miss gail Garlock, as the wife of Allen B. Adams, son of Mr. and Mrs. F.K. Adams.

Births - November 4, 1935

James King Adams, as son

born to Mr. & Mrs. Harry A. Adams

Maryan Kay Adams, Sec.