1931 Adams-McKain Family Reunion

Updated: 25 August 2011

(Transcribed from Book #1 by James. R. Adams). (NOTE: the minutes of 1930, 1931, and 1932 were mixed together and the reader may be confused about whether there was a 1931 reunion. The 1930 reunion is listed as the twelfth reunion, the 1931 reunion was not numbered and the 1932 reunion was listed at the thirteenth reunion. I tried to be faithful to the handwritten notes. Please let me know if you see an error.)

Leon Fletcher Adams, son of Franklin and Josephine Adams met tragic death, being instantly killed when the car in which he and his two companions were riding was struck by a train in the Village of Lawton, Michigan April 16th 1932.

In the year 1932 two births and one death recorded.

A daughter Barbara Lucille Gale, was born to Irving and Hyldred Gale, February 25th 1932.

A daughter Leone, was born to Pearl Mohney Adams, June 20th 1932. The father Leon Fletcher Adams having been killed in an accident April 16th 1932.

In June 1932 Ethel Kinney Mitchell died in her home in Oshtemo, Michigan. She was the wife of the late Ray Mitchell of Lawton and daughter of the late Nathan and Mary Kinney of Oshtemo.

At the 1931 meeting last year Earl Copley and family were the only ones of McKain family present. Earl's mother was Esther McKain Copley.