1933 Adams-McKain Family Reunion

Updated: 25 August 2011

(Transcribed from Book #1 by James. R. Adams).

August 6th 1933

The fourteenth Annual reunion of Adams-McKain reunion was again held at Thorntons resort, Hersey Lake. Oldest member 76 & youngest 18 mo's.

Was decided to hold our 1934 reunion at the same place. Clara McKain widow of late William McKain met with us for many years.

One birth during year. A daughter Mary Kay Thornton was born to Reed and Ocie Thornton. Dr. Reed is a son of Clara and Dudley " ". Date of Birth May 18th 19__.

Merton Browne (sic), son of Emory and Muriel Browne (sic), was married Jan. 23rd 19__ to Carrie Anna Thornburg of Schoolcraft, Michigan. Merton is the grandson of Julius and Sophia Fletcher, great grandson of Dorsay, and Sarah Fletcher, the later being Sarah Adams before her marriage.

A son Preston Emory Brown, was born to Merton and Anna Brown, January 19th 19__. This makes Preson Emory a great great grandson of the Dorsey and Sarah Fletcher.