1934 Adams-McKain Family Reunion


Updated: 25 August 2011

(Transcribed from Book #1 by James. R. Adams)

August 5th 1934

The fifthteenth (sic) Annual reunion of Adams-McKain families was held at Thornton's resort, Hersey Lake. Forty-six were present, youngest member admitted to our circle was Preston Emory Brown, young son of Merton and Anna Brown.

In absence of President - George Adams, Frank Adams acted as chairman of the meeting.

A new President was elected, Earl Copley being unanimously voted in.

Secretary instructed to write The George Adams family proceedings of the meeting.

The Secretary also instructed to send a message of sympathy to Mr. and Mrs. Irving Gale, whose father (Charles Gale) passed away the morning of our meeting. Mrs. Gale was formally (sic) Hyldred Adams.

Voted to hold our next meeting at same place, Hersey Lake.