1953 Adams-McKain Family Reunion

Updated: 02 August 2009

The 34th Annual Adams McKain Reunion was held Sunday, August 2, 1953 at Vineyard Grange Hall, Porter Township. There were 40 family members and one guest present.

A business meeting was held following the cooperative dinner. Frank Adams of Lawton, president called the meeting to order. Gerald Adams of Porter Township was elected president and Mrs. C. Irving Gale, Coloma, was re-elected secretary-treasurer for 1953-1954.

Mrs. George W. Adams was the oldest member present at the young age of 87 years. The youngest member present was Gerald Charles Adams, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Adams. The youngest member in the family is Gerald Herbert Taylor, of Mendon, age 2 weeks. He is a great-grandson of Frank Adams of Lawton.