1955 Adams-McKain Family Reunion

Updated: 10 June 2009

The 36th Reunion of the Adams-McKain Families

Photo of Helen (Manning) Adams & probably Dale Ann (Adams) Powell, Clarice Ann (Nemmers) Adams, Lilly LeBarr (Douglass) Adams (seated) holding possibly Rolland Morse, probably Dawn (Adams) Sivley (back to camera), Roxanna Arvilla (Bent) Adams (seated) holding probably Bruce Morse, and possibly Mary Elizabeth (Adams) West.

  The 36th annual reunion of the Adams-McKain families was held Sunday, August 7, at the Vineyard Grange Hall, Porter Township. There were 58 members present, 26 of whom were children.

  The business meeting was called by the president Gerald Adams. Mr. Adams was re-elected president and Mrs. C. Irving Gale was re-elected secretary-treasurer for 1955-56.

  The oldest member, Mrs. Lily Adams of Kalamazoo, was present. The youngest member is Renet Ryan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Ryan of kendal. She is a great-granddaughter of Frank and the late Josephine Adams of Lawton.