Adams-McKain Family Reunion

The 50th Reunion of the Adams-McKain Families

August 1919 they gathered to honor Lieut. Harry A. Adams, Capt. and Mrs. Ross U. Adams. It was a welcome home from service in Europe at the close of World War I. Everyone had a pleasant time and expressed wishes to do it each year.

The 50th Reunion was held Sunday, August 3, 1969 at Stafford's Restaurant, Kalamazoo. There were 64 present. Place cards with gold lettering and gold colored rose buds were made by Mrs. Reed Thornton of Lawton. Napkins with 50th in gold lettering were used. Bouquets of yellow 'glads' and other yellow flowers were table decorations.

The youngest member present was six months old Adam Wetherell of Big Rapids. He is the great grandson of Chester and Roxanna Adams. The oldest member present was Hale Thornton, Sr. of Lawton, Mich.

Robert Kunce of Newellton, Louisiana, came the farthest. He is the son of William and Helen (Adams) Kunce.

A business meeting was held. A summary of the fifty years was read telling of the places it had been held and average attendance.

A letter from President Nixon was read extending greetings to all the members of the Michigan branch of the Adams family.

The same officers were re-elected for 1969-70. Mr. and Mrs. U.M. Adams as co-presidents and Mrs. Hyldred Adams Gale as secretary-treasurer.

Pictures were taken of each family group to be placed in the Reunion Record Books.

They voted to meet next year at the Lion's Park in Coloma, MI.

Hyldred Adams Gale


(From the Marcellus News, 07 August 1969)