1944 Adams-McKain Family Reunion

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25th Adams-McKain Family Reunion

04 August 1944

The twenty-fifth anniversary of the Adams-McKain reunion was held at the Wolf Lake Fish Hatchery, Sunday Aug 4, 1944.   The group was smal ùl due to sickness and death  of members. Flu time and gas situation was another determining factor that kept some from coming.

    The usual bountiful dinner was served. The men held their annual croquet tournament. The women visited . They traced Adams ancestors several generations back.   The same officers were retained for next year. They adjourned to meet Aug. 5, 1945 at the same place.

Lillie Adams Carl and Helen Adams--Jerry Adams 

Leslie and Mildred Adams & MildredÕs sister Bert and Ivah Adams

Frank Adams   Allen and Gail Adams--Joan & Rodney

Beatrice and Hale Thornton   Del Kline

Irving and Hyldred Gale & Barbara                        

Hyldred Gale (Secretary Pro Tem)

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Group 1

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4 kids (Jerry Adams, Barbara Gale)

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04 August 1944

p. 3: 4 newspaper clippings and picture of Effa Mae Adams 1. ADAMS-MCKAIN REUNION

The 25th anniversary of the Adams-McKain reunion was held at the Wolf Lake hatchery on August 6. On account of sickness and death of members of the immediate families; the attendance was smaller than usual. The number present was 20. The afternoon was spent in visiting and relating instances of the older members who are no longer able to attend. The same officers will carry on for the next year and the reunion will be at the same place on the first Sunday in August, unless different arrangements are made.(Note: clipping from Lawton Leader)

 2. A son, weight seven pounds and seven ounces, was born to Mr. and Mrs. U.M. Adams Sunday evening at Lee Memorial hospital, Dowagiac. The babe has been named George Clark. 3.   Announcement is made of the birth of a bay (sic) boy, John William to PFC. and Mrs. Jack K. Adams, May 10, at Dearborn. Jack is with the Ninth army in Germany.


In memory of our dear husband and father, who passed away one year ago, May 11.                        

The Wife, Children and Grandchildren


Caption: Effa Mae Adams end p. 3


p. 4: two newspaper clippings  MEMORIAM

In Memory of Archie Adams who passed away two years ago, May 11th.   The stars are dimly passing upon one lonely grave.

 Where sleeps without awakening one we loved but could not save.             The Family.          

Miss Leatrice Adams Becomes Mrs. Powell

Miss Leatrice June Adams, Kalamazoo, daughter of Mr. and mrs. Carl Adams, Schoolcraft, became the bride of Phillip J. Powell, Kalamazoo, son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Powell, Marcellus, at 10 Saturday morning, June 1, in the Stockbridge Methodist church. The rev. Richard Wearne, church pastor, officiated. (Note: 1946)

 two pictures (no captions)