1999 Adams-McKain Family Reunion

Updated: 02 October 2010

1999 Adams-McKain Family Newsletter (PDF file)

1999 Family Reunion Photographs

John "Jack" Adams and Louise (Maggard) Adams visiting with Jim Adams

80th Adams-McKain Family Reunion Cake

The 80th Adams-Mckain Family Reunion was held 01 August 1999 at the Marcellus High School, Marcellus, Cass County, MI with 38 people present; there were 26 adults and 12 children.

Clare (Adams) Price was the oldest and has missed very few reunions since 1919. Linda Adams and others decorated the tables with red and white table cloths and the room with balloons creating a festive air for our 80th reunion. There was a pint of blueberries for someone to take home. A special event was the distribution of the 80th Anniversary Adams-McKain Family Reunion Recipe Book so well organized by the committee chaired by Chris Adams.

The cover and a cake brought by Shirley Davis displayed the Adams coat-of-arms. Although it is possible the coat-of-arms might represent our family it needs to be further researched before a definite conclusion is made. Our ancestors are through Robert Adams of Newbury, MA. The information about the coat-of-arms on hand is through Dr. Ross Adams who in 1924 obtained information from the American Heraldic Art Company, Farmington, PA. He got an Adams genealogical foundation paper that traced the family origins to Europe, an engraved 4x5 Adams coat-of-arms as described in the official recors of Heralds College in London, England, two miniatures of the coat-of-arms that could be used as an adornment for a car, and stationary with the coat-of-arms on it.

The coat-of-arms has five stars in a cross that is surrounded by leaf-like scrolling. At the top of the cross is a crown with what appears to be a lion's head sitting on it. At the bottom of the cross are the words 'Sub Cruce Salus'(salvation under the cross).

Another special feature of the book was recipes published in 1923 by the Young Peoples Class of the Baptist Sunday School in Marcellus that Barbara found in her mother's recipes. The book sold for $0.35 and had about 90 recipes in it. The current book has nineteen recipes one entitled 'mulled wine for Christmas caroling' submitted by Linda & Jim Adams.

The reunion, genealogy, & history books and other data were on display with the emphasis on the Lewis & Candace (Adams) Andrews branch. Jim and Barbara started scanning the reunion books on July 14, 15, & 16 in Sturgeon Bay. We are now working on Book #2. This is an excellent time to contribute data you wish preserved so we urge you to send data. We also encourage you to volunteer to help write an article for the Family History section. For example, a diary, Harmony Chapel, or genealogical information about your branch of the family. REMEMBER: use 01 April of each year for submitting data if you wish to have it published in the next newsletter.