2009 Adams-McKain Family Reunion

Updated: 10 August 2009

The 2009 (90th) Adams-McKain Family Reunion was held on Saturday, 08 August 2009 at River Oaks Park, 9202 East Michigan Avenue (M-96), Galesburg, MI in southwestern Michigan. The family began gathering at 11 AM and lunch followed at 12:30 PM. 35 family members attended the reunion:

27 members of the Horace Chester & Roxanna Arvilla (Bent) Adams family were present (George & Mary Chris Adams; Bob & Marge Wetherell; Jim & Linda Adams; Mary & Mike West; Dan & Pam Adams; Keri, Daniel, Jory, Hayli, Caleb Throneberry, Todd, Rebecca, Sam, Alijahy, Avalene Adams; Marilyn, Tony, Riley Little; Rollie Morse, Francis Morse, Margy & Andreea Hunter.

1 member of the Effa May & George W. (Alford) Adams family was present (Barbara Gale)

7 members of the Sarah Lucina (Adams) & Dorsey Fletcher family were present (Robert Brown, Preston & Ruth Brown, Muriel Hurt, Sally Boldman, Nancy Hume, Mary Morris)

2009 Family Reunion Photographs

Invitation to the Reunion (PDF file) You will neet Adobe Acrobat Reader