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Mary Sykes and Ruth

Mary Calista Adams (21 Nov 1875 - Dec 1970) married Claude P. Sykes (17 Oct 1871 - 16 Oct 1949) on 25 Aug 1898 in Porter, Van Buren, MI. They had 4 children:

  1. Marian Ruth Sykes (b. 1900) married William A. Browne
  2. Louise Sykes (b. 1907) married C. Moulton Davis
  3. Wayne Sykes (b. 1909) married Lucille Whitney
  4. Elmie Jane Sykes (1914 - 1964) married Edward DeHaven

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Richard Sikes (c.1600 - 1676) wiki (relationship to "our" Sykes line not confirmed yet)

Richard Sikes & His Descendants: The First Seven Generations by Arthur M. Sikes, Jr., Sikes/Sykes Families Association Genealogist. Contact: ArtSikes at

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Sykes Stories (Roswell Adams married Lucy S. Sykes) Roswell was a descendant of Robert Adams of Newbury, Mass.

Descendants of Zenas (1786 - ) and Nancy Janes Sykes (1789 - ). They had 8 children:

  1. Orendo Sykes (1811 - ) married ? Montague (1814 - )
  2. Pliny P. Sykes (1824 - ) married Alma A. Terry (b. about 1833 in OH). They had 4 children: Mabel (b. 1857), Clarence (b. 1859), Mildred (b. 1863), and Claude P. Sykes (17 Oct 1871 - 16 Oct 1949) who married Mary Calista Adams (21 Nov 1875 - ). (NOTE: There are TWO Mary Calista Adams--one (b. 1842) was the daughter of Horace Hale Adams and married David F. Smith. The other (b. 1875) was the daughter of Uri Mason Adams and married Claude P. Sykes. She was the niece of the first Mary Calista Adams)
  3. Samuel J. Sykes (1826 - ) married Lucinda (1838 - )
  4. Lucinda G. Sykes (15 Aug 1820 - 04 Feb 1892) married John Gibbon A. Barney (1814 - 1881)
  5. Loring W. Sykes (1820 - 31 Jan 1892) married Emma Daniel (1832 - ). They had a son, Charles D. Sykes (1848 - died before 1930). They had a daughter, Charlotte Sykes (1883 - ). Loring married (2) Izora Ada "Ida" Snyder (1857 - 1930). They had a son, William "Will" L. Sykes (1890 - 1983)
  6. John Sykes (1825 - )
  7. Zenas Sykes (1829 - ) married Eliza M. Borrows (1834 - ). They had 6 children: Ida (1854 - ), Eva (1856 - ), Harvey A. (1858 - ), Kittie A. Kate I. (1860 - ), Lotta (1862 - ), Edward (1864 - ).
  8. Charles W. Sykes (1832 - 07 Feb 1892) married Louisa (1841 - ). They had 3 children: Millie (1861 - ), Clara Belle (1863 - ), William R. (Dec 1865 - ).

Obituary of Mary Calista Adams Sykes

Mrs. Mary Sykes, 94, 618 Main Street, St. Joseph, died at 5:20 a.m. today in Shoreham Terrace nursing home. Mrs. Sykes was born in Porter township, Nov. 21, 1876, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mason Adams. Survivors include two daughters, Mrs. William A. (Ruth) Brown of Tyron, N.C., and Mrs. Moulton (Louise) Davis of St. Joseph, with whom Mrs. Sykes had made her home; five grandchildren; and two great grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her husband, Claude P. in 1949; a son, Wayne Sykes; and a daughter, Mrs. Edward (Jane) DeHaven. Funeral services will be held Wednesday at 11 a.m. in the Kerlikowske and Starks funeral home. The Rev. Robert F. Andrews, pastor of St. Paul's Episcopal church, will officiate. Burial will be in the Keeler cemetery. The family has suggested that memorials be made to the Berrien County Cancer Service. {Note: Mason Adams is Uri Mason Adams. She also had a brother, Mason Clarence Adams who preceded her in death in 1928}

Funeral card of Mary Adams Sykes

In Memory of Mary Adams Sykes

Born November 21, 1876 Porter Township, Michigan

Date of Death December 7, 1970

Services from Kerlikowske and Starks Chapel

December 9, 1970 11 A.M.

Clergyman officiating Rev. Robert F. Andrews

Final Resting Place Keeler Cemetary Keeler, Michigan


R .M. Mitchell L. L. Filstrup M. S. Ross W. A. Preston R. J. Criddle William B. Minary

St. John's Housing Center Opens
(Herald Palladium, Benton Harbor, MI 05 March 1982)
(This was the home of Mr. & Mrs. Claude P. & Mary Calista Adams Sykes, 645 Pipestone St., Benton Harbor, MI)
The news article can be found in Book 4 (1974 - 1982) of the Reunion collection and will be transcribed as time permits.

Wayne Adams Sykes Obituary

Wayne Sykes Dies Today In Ann Arbor – 43 Year Old B. H. Man Heart Victim (March 10, 1953)
Wayne Adams Sykes, 43, owner and operator of the Industrial Crating corporation, and a member of one this city's best known families, died suddenly in Ann Arbor this morning of a heart attack in his sleep. Death occurred at 6:30 a.m. At St. Joseph's hospital, where he had gone Monday night for a check-up. Mr. Sykes had been at the hospital for a routine check-up a few months ago and since that time had appeared in good health, relatives said. Advised at the time to return for a further check, he did so yesterday. Mr Sykes was married to the former Lucille Whitney, daughter of Atty. Dora B. Whitney, and the late Atty. H.S. Whitney. She survives as do also two daughters, Mary, nine, and Virginia, seven. The Sykes home is in Higman Park. Surviving are also Mr. Sykes' mother, Mrs. Mary A. Sykes of 618 Main Street, St. Joseph, and three sisters, Mrs. Charles Moulton (Louise) Davis of St. Joseph; Mrs. Ruth Brown of Rochester Minn.; and Mrs. Ed (Jane) DeHaven, of Minneapolis, Minn. Mrs. Sykes late father was Claude Sykes, well known insurance man and one of the founders of the Fidelity Health & Accident Insurance Co. here. Born in Benton Harbor, Wayne Sykes received his public schooling in this city. He was also a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. A veteran of World War II, he served as a commander in the navy in the South Atlantic patrol, working out of Brazil between South America and Africa. He was in the service three years. One of the city's young business executives, he has been owner and operator of the Industrial Crating  corporation since before the second world conflict. The Dean and Dey ambulance went to Ann Arbor this morning soon after word was received of his death to bring Mr. Sykes' body to Benton Harbor for funeral services and burial.

Sykes Funeral Set
Funeral services for Wayne A. Sykes, 43, well-known Benton Harbor business executive who died of a heart attack Tuesday, at Ann Arbor will held at 3 p.m. Thursday at the Dean & Dey Brothers funeral chapel. The Rev. Howard A. Blanning, pastor of the First Congregational church, will officiate. Burial will be in Crystal Springs cemetery. Mr. Sykes, husband of the former Lucille Whitney, daughter of Att. Dora B. Whitney, died in St. Joseph's hospital, Ann Arbor, where he had gone for a routine check-up. Death came during his sleep. Mr. Sykes was owner and operator of the Industrial Crating corporation in Benton Harbor. His father was the late Claude Sykes, well-known insurance man here. His mother, Mrs. Mary Sykes, lives at 618 Main street, St. Joseph. Friends may call at the Dean & Dey Brothers mortuary until noon Thursday.

Lucile Sykes Is Dead At 68
(03 Dec 1976)
Mrs. Lucile W. Sykes, 68, former president and owner of Industrial Crating Corporation of Benton Harbor, died at 8:23 a.m. today in St. Joseph Memorial Hospital. Mrs. Sykes, member of a pioneer Benton Harbor family, resided at 240 Higman Park, Benton Harbor. She was the daughter of two attorneys -- the late H.S. Whitney and Dora B. Whitney. She was born Dec. 22, 1907, in Benton Harbor and was a graduate of the University of Chicago. Her husband, Wayne Sykes, preceded her in death in 1953. Surviving are two daughters, Mrs. Richard (Mary) Wylie, Washington, D.C., and Miss Virginia Sykes, Rockport, Mass.; a sister, Mrs. Bela (Lyda) Lindenfeld, Stevensville and a brother, Robert Whitney, Benton Harbor. A brother, Atty. Neville Whitney, preceded her in death. Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Monday in the Peace Temple United Methodist church, of which she was a member of. Burial will be in the family lot at Crystal Springs cemetery. Memorials may be made to the church. Friends may call at the Dey-Florin funeral home, St. Joseph, after 7 p.m. Saturday.

Ex-Local Couple Dies in Collision

(August 30, 1964)
Edward DeHavens Minnesota Victims
Two former Benton Harbor-St. Joseph residents were killed last night in a car-train crash that took the lives of four persons at Minneapolis. Dead are Mr. and Mrs. Edward DeHaven of Minneapolis who were born and reared in this area. They were both about 52 years of age. One other couple in the car with the DeHavens also died when the auto was struck by a train. Names of the other victims were not known. Mr. DeHaven was a member of a well known Benton Harbor family that included his brothers, Roy, Robert and George. Mrs. DeHaven was the former Jane Sykes daughter of the late Claude Sykes who conducted an insurance business in Benton Harbor. Mrs. DeHaven's sister, Mrs. C. Moulton Davis of St. Joseph, flew to Minneapolis after learning of the tragedy. Mr. DeHaven operated a softwater service at Annoka, Minn., a Minneapolis suburb. The couple is survived by a daughter, Ellen, and a son, John.

DeHaven Rites Held

Memorial services were held Thursday at 3 p.m. In the Annie Banyon chapel of the First Congregational church for Mr. and Mrs. Edward (Jane Sykes) DeHaven. The Rev. H. Gardner Andersen, pastor, officiated. Mrs. Helen Butcher was the organist. Memorial services were hled in the First Universalist church, Minneapolis Wednesday. Cremation followed the services. The Rev. John Commins officiated at services in Minneapolis and music was by the Minneapolis Baroque ensemble. Mr. and Mrs. DeHaven, well known former residents of St. Joseph and Benton Harbor were killed in a car train crash in Minneapolis Sunday evening. Surviving are a son, John, of Fairbanks, Alaska, and a daughter, Ellen, of Minneapolis; Mrs. DeHaven's mother, Mrs. Claude Sykes, of St. Joseph, and Mr. DeHaven's mother, Mrs. George DeHaven, of Muncie, Ind.; sisters of Mrs. DeHaven, Mrs. C. Moulton Davis, of St. Joseph, and Mrs. W.A. Brown, of Saluda, N.C.; and three brothers and a sister of Mr. DeHaven, Robert, of Little Rock, Ark., Roy and George, of Battle Creek and the sister, Mrs. Lois Radcliffe, of Muncie. Ashes will be buried at a later date in the Keeler cemetery, Keeler, Mich.

News article on Loring W. Sykes:

The Morning Call, San Francisco, CA

February 6, 1892 


A Remarkable Case of Death or Suspended Animation. 

San Jose, February 5 – There is a remarkable case of death or suspended animation at Santa Clara that is puzzling the medical fraternity of that town.  Last Sunday at noon, [January 31, 1892] Loring W. Sykes, an old resident, died, or seemed to have died, and his funeral was appointed for Wednesday morning.  Before that time came grave doubts arose as to whether he was really dead or not, but there was no sign of decomposition, and the funeral was postponed until this morning.  But yesterday there was still no sign of decomposition.  Concerning this case the Herald this evening says: 

During his lifetime he had a great horror of being buried alive and made his son Charles promise him that he would not bury his body until proof of death was absolute.  Consequently the utmost care is being taken to determine this. 

Not only were there no signs of decomposition on the body, but the limbs all remained flexible and the coldness of death did not appear on the surface of the body.  Several of the most intimate friends were called in to examine the body, and it was again decided yesterday to postpone the funeral until next Sunday afternoon. 

Several physicians visited the house yesterday and they all pronounced it a case of death, but said it was a most peculiar case.  Yesterday Dr. McGee cut a vein in one of the legs, and blood continued to flow from it for some minutes.  Dr. McNary thrust a needle through a cord above the ankle and let it remain for several hours, to see if it corroded.  When it was drawn out last night it was not at all corroded, and this one sign of death was lacking. 

The case is being watched with much interest at Santa Clara, especially since the report by telegraph of a recent case of supposed burial alive in New York. 

In this case five days have elapsed since the death of Mr. Sykes, and still the signs of decomposition have not set in. 
The Morning Call – San Francisco, CA

February 8, 1892 

Loring W. Sykes Buried

San Jose, February 7 – Loring W. Sykes, who for seven days lay dead in his home at Santa Clara with all the evidence of life except breath and a beating heart, was buried this afternoon, decomposition having set in yesterday.  The case was a most remarkable one.


Thanks to Art Sikes, Jr. of Suffield, CT for the following:

Zenas is in the seventh generation of the Sikes family from Richard & Phoebe Sikes of Dorchester & Springfield, Mass.

Family history of Zenas Sikes          March 20, 2009
++++++++++++    SEVENTH  GENERATION    ++++++++++++

1        Zenas Sikes    gf10539    S0133231, V7‑113, V7‑125
     b. 24 Mar 1791, Westhampton, Ma; d. 28 Jan 1862, Keeler, Van Buren, MI; son of Pliny Sikes & Lucinda Montague; m. 23 Dec 1813, Southampton, Ma, Nancy Janes; dau. of Enos Janes & Hannah Wright; b. 1791, Southampton, Ma; d. 7 Oct 1878, Keeler, Van Buren, MI.
       1  Orrendo Montague Sikes, b. 23 Mar 1815, Westhampton, Ma; m. (1) Ann Elizabeth George; m. (2) Susan P. Parmalee.
       2  Loring Wright Sikes, b. 11 Nov 1816, Westhampton, Ma; m. Emma Daniels.
       3  Lucina Graves Sikes, b. 15 Jul 1820, Westhampton, Ma; m. John G. Barney.
    2‑4   Pliny Parson Sikes, b. 3 Sep 1824, Westhampton, Ma; m. Elma A. Terry.
       5  Samuel James Sikes, b. 15 Aug 1826, Westhampton, Ma; m. Lucinda G. Salisbury.
       6  Zenas Sikes Jr., b. 28 Dec 1828, Westhampton, Ma; m. Eliza M. Burrill.
       7  Charles Wells Sikes, b. 30 Jan 1830, Westhampton, Ma; m. Louisa Harker.
       8  John Truais Sikes, b. 12 Jan 1835, Westhampton, Ma; d. 15 Oct 1835, Westhampton, Ma.
     Zenas Sikes went from Ludlow to Westhampton, MA where he was a farmer.  They removed to Keeler, MI in 1837
     Reference Documents: 1, 10, 23, 110

+++++++++++++ EIGHTH  GENERATION    ++++++++++++ 

2        Pliny Parson Sikes     gf24833     S01332313, V7‑125, V8‑20
     b. 3 Sep 1824, Westhampton, Ma; son of Zenas Sikes & Nancy Janes; m. 1 May 1856, Dowagiac, MI, Elma A. Terry; dau. of Joseph Terry.
       1  Mabel Elma Sikes, b. 15 May 1858, MI.
       2  Clarence Terry Sikes, b. 28 Dec 1859, MI.
       3  Mildren Ethel Sikes, b. 25 Jan 1863, MI.
       4  Claude Pliny Sikes, b. 17 Oct 1870, MI.
       5  Carleton Zenas Sikes, b. 22 Feb 1874, MI.
     Pliny Sikes moved to Keeler, MI with his parents in 1837 and became a farmer.  In 1850 he and three of his brothers drove 2 wagons and 5 yokes of oxen to Sacramento, CA, the trip taking 5 months.  He stayed two years and then returned to Michigan by way of Niearauga(?).
     This family can be found on the 1880 Federal Census in Keeler, Van Buren, MI.  Pleny P. Sykes farmer ae. 56 b. MA the same as both parents, Elina A. wife ae. 46 b. OH both parents b. NY, Mable dau ae, 22, Mildred dau ae. 17, Claud P. son ae. 10, & Carlton son ae.  6, all children b. MI.
     Reference Documents: 10, 23
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AUTHOR:   Compiled by Arthur M. Sikes Jr.
DATE:          2000
DESCRIPTION:     All known Sikes / Sykes descendants of Richard Sikes
TITLE:         Sikes/Sykes Papers
AUTHOR:   George Dimmock
DATE:          Life time collection, to about 1920.
DESCRIPTION:     George Dimmock collected genealogy information on many families including Sikes's.  Includes a unpublished Sikes genealogy, about 1,200 sheets.
LOCATION: NEHGS Library, Boston, Mass.
TITLE:         History & Genealogy of the Montague Family of America
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TITLE:         The Sykes Genealogy, Descendants of Richard and Phebe Sykes
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DATE:          Collected data up to his death in 1911.
DESCRIPTION:     A handwritten Sykes Genealogy in three parts: Richard (male lines only), Increase, & Victory
LOCATION: Connecticut Historical Society Library, Hartford, CT