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Webster, NY Families (Scott Allen, owner of tree at ancestry.com). Photos of David Welsher (Welcher) gravestones. West Webster Cemetery, Section C, Row #14. Son of John (1750 - 1820) & Phebe/Phoebe(1749 - 1844) Welcher.

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Abram Welcher was the father of Frances Elnora Welcher who married Abner Brown. Manley B. Welcher is the half brother of Frances Elnora Welcher.

Abraham (Abram) Welcher (12 Oct 1806 - 20 Sep 1888) married (1) Harriet Van Giesen (VanGleson) (Sep 1815 - 07 Mar 1865). They had 4 children:

  1. Sylvia Welcher (1834 - )
  2. Nelson Welcher (1836 - 05 Oct 1864) married Serepta (1839 - ). They had two children: Dennis E. Welcher (1859 - 1925) and M.E. Welcher (1860 - )
  3. Manley Burnham Welcher (1846 - 1925) married Almira S. Gard (1843 - 1927)
  4. Unnamed son Welcher (1853 - 1853)

Abraham (Abram) Welcher (12 Oct 1806 - 20 Sep 1888) married (2) Catherine Barriford Rutherford (1818 - 1895). She was married (1) to Andrew Rutherford, Sr. Catherine and Andrew had a son, Andrew (1837-1895) who married Eleanor Laporte (1844-1922), daughter of Isaac and Rachel Laporte. Andrew and Eleanor had 12 children. Andrew, Eleanor, Isaac and Rachel are all buried in Crane Cemetery.

Abraham (Abram) and Catherine Barriford (Rutherford) Welcher had 3 children:

  1. Frances Elnora Welcher (1857 - 1916) married Abner Brown (1837 - 1910)
  2. Adelbert Welcher (1861 - 1916) married Alice A. Poorman.
  3. Catherine K. Welcher (a.k.a. Keziah Catherine Welcher) (1862 - 1950)

Manley B. and Almira S. Gard had 2 children:

  1. Edna Welcher (1869 - 1930)
  2. Charles Root Cowan Welcher (1876 - 1943)

Obituary from Marcellus News 20 Aug 1925

Manley B. Welcher was born in Monroe County, NY February 13, 1846 to Abram and Harriet VanGleson Welcher. In 1851 the family moved to Volinia Township which had been his home until moving to Marcellus where he died early Sunday morning August 16, 1925. He became very involved in public service as treasurer of his township, county and the village of Marcellus. December 24, 1868 he married Elmira L. Gard who survives with a daughter Mrs. Edna Davis and son Charles R. of Marcellus and D.E. Welcher of Port Kella, British Columbia who shared their home as a son until young manhood. Services were at the home Tuesday afternoon with burial at Bly Cemetery.

Charles Root C. Welcher married Grace C. Finch (1875 - ). They had two children:

  1. Manley Cowan Welcher (06 Aug 1908 - Nov. 1978 in Marcellus)
  2. Laura Cowan Welcher (1910 - )

Welchers in Charleston Cemetery, Cass Co., Michigan (Posting by Bonnie):

Two separate plots within this small cemetery:

Catherine Welcher, Dec 28, 1818-Nov 14, 1895 (this is Catherine Beresford Welcher, wife of Abram).

Margaret, badly worn pillar-type stone. Looks like it says "wife of" but I can't guarantee it. Nothing else is legible. Who is this???

Next to it is an unmarked plot. I imagine this is Abram.

Harriet, wife of Abram Welcher died Mar 7, 1856, aged 40 yrs 6 mos.

Harriet L. died Sept 23, 1859 then looks like 7 yrs __ mos
then something else illegible then also infant son d. Mar 26 (?), 1837(?). Children of A & C Welcher. I expect these are children of Abram and Catherine (which means the infant son's death date must be 1857), but I didn't know of these kids. Am I right?

In the other plot are:

Alfred Welsher d. Dec 29, 1890 age 46 yrs 3 mos 23 ds Where does he fit in?? (spelled with an s)

Henry H. son of J& B Welcher. There is a date on this stone, but the stone has been broken off and "replanted" so the death date is below the surface. I didn't risk knocking over the stone by digging down to read the date. I assume this is son of John and Bridget? Can you tell me the date?

Then a military style stone...Jno Welcher Co A 12th Mich Inf. No date. Assume this is John of John & Bridget? When did he die?

Mrs. John Welcher d. June21, 1880, age 65 years. Assume this is Bridget?

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